Let Big Fat Daddy's Marketing Handle Content CreationThe Silver Marketing Package is for companies or individuals who are suffering with a stagnant blog or website, or perpahs want to launch their blog or website.

Maybe they need the blog to be more SEO friendly, some content created and launch if off the ground creating social chatter.  Or, you want to revive an old blog. Perhaps you are left with purchase of domain name but would like to create an easy to use blog on WordPress. Tumblr, or Blogger and we can do that for you. You can then simply re-direct your domain name when we are done!


This package allows you:

3 Month Silver Campaign  With Content Creation on your Website, or Blog, or we will Make you a Tumblr, WordPress or Blogger free blog, and then create Chatter and and 30 Place Plus Sharing About your Product, or Service. 

This contains our SEO experts to modify and add content to 1 existing blog or site, or create a free hosted WordPress, Blogspot or Tumblr account for you.  (If you have a blog or website, we will need administrator access to do this and we can talk to you about how.)   Building on a free blog won’t give you all the bells and whistles that some big sites have, but you can easily create and add content to it.  Additionally all Bloggers and WordPress.com’s are now SSL secure, which is great!   We use a Blogger, Tumblr and WordPress for Big Fat Daddy’s BBQ sites,  so we know how to do this!

Step One:  Determine the goal.

  • Decide whether you want us to either “spiff up” and add content to your existing blog, or us to make a freebie hosted one for you.
  • If you do not have an existing blog or website, then we can build and secure you a free one, hosted on free servers, so some functions will be limited.  For instance: vintagechalet.blogspot.com   is hosted on free blogger site, but blogger is easy to use and secure.   The next step is directing a domain name to the website.  If you  you already have a website or domain name, then you can easily redirect the website to the blog .  Example: VintageChalet.com is redirecting to VintageChalet.blogspot.com so the site is hosted free on blogger, and the client pays $14.99 per year to maintain the domain name.
  • If you already have a paid hosting account, we can build you a wordpress site on the back end, that looks professional and has bells and whistles.  We would then add content to it.  For this pricing, you will get a basic blog, that looks professional but does the trick.
  • We will then share your blog or website 30 places on the web, creating good quality links in.

All of this takes time and work, but it’s hours that you don’t have to do. We will slowly create the blog, website, or back fill an existing blog and website, and then share the articles so they are mentioned on the web.

  • Sharing on the web means using our social media accounts, blogs, shopping sites, network sites and making links on the web for your site.

The key to maintaining a website is slowly adding content, and constantly sharing the content.

etsy rainbows website

Etsy Rainbows is an example of a free blog hosted on WordPress, but contains good content and drives visitors to the blogger’s Etsy shop.


The Calm Life is an example of a blog that was created on a user’s hosting account, on WordPress.


Not sure what kind of blog to get?  Call Cindy today 410-908-9241.

Or, please read our detailed article on Blogs: Free or Hosted….

Cost for Service  Regularly $495  now on Sale $250.00
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If you desire us to also do instagram, facebook, and/ or other networking such as make you a twitter then you should consider the Gold Package Now!