Twitter Campaigns that Work

Twitter is a powerful tool!


Twitter Campaigns that Work!

Twitter is an effective tool in marketing for many reasons.  You can find out more about this on our Why Twitter Marketing works page.

Here’s some real samples of some of work we’ve done for clients.  You can see our breakdown of effectiveness and how credible tweets can smoke the competition.

Keep in mind the minimum package we offer can help spread your brand , food or drink item in just one month!

Our followers are diverse, and mostly real!  According to Sprout Social we’re at 81% Engagement, and 100% influence coming from BigFatDaddys.    This way the timeline delivery is hitting real readers and people who use twitter, who then retweet to their credible accounts.

Therefore, you are getting real timeline delivery, not fake accounts which helps boost your chances of successful marketing campaigns.

According to Twitter Audit, our followers are 84% real, but keep in mind this is just a guide and not one hundred percent accurate. Many times accounts lay dormant, follow too many friends, or tweet too many links that Twitter Audit will take off points for.  Therefore we’d like to think we are about 95% real.

Click on a sample to view it or scroll down:

EXAMPLE ONE:  We discovered a new delivery service.

  • Fish To Your Door Company Goes Viral to over 320,000 timelines!  This is spread by reputable sources and increases Google’s chatter on these tweets.  See the tweet here, this is just something we found and wanted to talk about! Now this company will most likely rank up higher up in Google’s search results thanks to the boost the campaign gave it!

EXAMPLE TWO:  We promoted a blog post.



EXAMPLE THREE:  We saw tweeted an #ad  about pickles


See the tweet here! We didn’t realize making your own pickles is so awesome!



EXAMPLE 4:  Cute & Viral!



We use many programs to measure success!  From Manage Flitter, Sprout Social and Twitter’s own stats help us know when to post and how well the tweet was delivered. We give complete reports on each tweet delivered! Meanwhile we work with others who love food and drink as much as we do, and help us spread the love across the internet!   Don’t let people tell you twitter campaigns are easy, because they are not.  They are hard. The chances of getting your product out there in 140 characters or less, having it seen, is slim. Yet we are experts and our track record of success and our own visibility in Social Media speaks for itself.


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