Gold Marketing PlanAffordable SEO, Branding and Twitter Marketing is here  !  The Gold Package  or often called ” Gold Plan ” is a six month program that helps boost your exposure to your brand, website, or items and does so slowly, safely,  and naturally.  This is safe marketing from reliable sources that helps increase exposure, links and chatter about your brand.

It includes:

6 Month Gold Campaign Tweeting about your Product, or Service. 

  • This contains of 32 tweets & 12 retweets throughout the course of a month during high traffic times.
  • It also includes 8 mentions, 15 comments, and 15 faves on Twitter bringing more chatter and notice to your account.
  • We also work off twitter and make you 4 web/blog links (*dofollow) and 8 bookmarked links on social sites.
  • These tweets will include information about your brand, product or service and may be linked to your main website pages or inner pages of your website.
  • The goal is to create awareness of your product or brand to our followers.
  • Tweets will stay on the main timeline forever, and often get “cached” in Google which can help people find your brand in the future!
  • Expect some organic retweets, which over the course of a month will can deliver your product to millions of timelines.*
  • All posts will be sent during high traffic times and reports provided monthly.
  • You agree to allow us to use photos if applicable.
  • We do not guarantee sales or conversions, though we do the best to promote your product. *We also can’t guarantee reach, though if a tweet fails miserably, we redo it and don’t count it as one of your ten.
  • All tweets will have the #ad tag in them and follow FTC guidelines on advertising endorsements indicated here.
  • As tweets are posted, we send you the links so you can view the progress.
  • A month end report with numbers breakdown is included so you can see what our campaign did for you.

This one is valued at $2095 but on sale for $1295.00 which averages $13.78  per sponsored tweet/retweet or action performed and covers all reporting!
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