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We Specialize in Food and Drink Marketing

The importance of food and drink marketing is crucial for any business.  Customers look for clients who have a strong social media presence.  Many customers now use their mobile phones for everything! Soon will be the way of forgetting tablets or laptops to find services these days.  How does your business compare? Are you buried on page 24,926 in Google? Have you wondered how customers get to page one in Google, or how you can increase your standings?

The answer is simple. There are only three ways to increase your standings and hope to get to page 1.

1. The first way is a given — some companies are so large and profitable, that they have millions of clients which all use social media and create organic mentions and backlinks thus keeping the company on top. These are reputable and popular companies like big named companies. How about companies  like Ebay, Apple, Etsy , etc.   Customers are constantly using and sharing their product links, website links, etc.  These companies are going to end up on page one.  Their authority is clear, their trust factor is clear and therefore their rankings are highest in their field.

2. The second way is they hire a marketing company who helps create said links and chatter. The more organic links and chatter coming in, the more these companies have credibility in Google.   Companies who have good google placement are companies who are always updating their websites, blogs, and using social media mentions to help create more backlinks. These are good companies who have reputable content and constant good quality mentions.  They can grow slow and steady and continue to stay on top. Doing this yourself is time consuming, and that’s why people hire marketing companies and campaigns.

3. The last way is they attempt to create natural and organic links yourself. This is very time consuming for the small business owner, and this is why most people attempt to use a social media or marketing company to help them grow.

What We Do

We offer marketing and mentions of your product on our already established food and drink network,and have many options from small boosts to year promotions.  We use blogs, social networking sites and  Twitter  combined with sharing links on social networking sites.  This is a mix of shopping sites, bookmarking sites and blogs.  We mention your company and product and create links and campaigns that keep good links coming in.

Please Note

There is no quick and easy miracle fix for getting your food or drink product noticed.

Work should be constant and consistent.

We don’t promise you page one in Google, but we do promise to create good and safe links and mentions to your product.


Any company that you hire to create a zillion spammy backlinks in a short period of time to give your website a boost is not safe for your website. In fact, if let’s say, you hire a guy on Fiverr who spams your fine dining restaurant site out onto a million adult-entertainment sites, you can easily find that your website may get blacklisted in Google. There is no  quick fix. If they tell you there is, they are lying.

Big Fat Daddy’s and Ira Mency, just do a quick google search to see, we’ve been at this for a long time.

What We Can Promise

Is that our links can only help you, not hurt.  Depending on how long you need us, that’s up to you.


Pricing is available on this website, for any of the packages.

If you are not in the food and drink industry, it’s best to contact us at 410-908-9241. Business Inquiries Only