We’ve decided to share out top 50 tips on marketing to help you with your social media needs. These are tips we’ve learned along the way and things that have proven to work and be true.

The First Tip #1: Cute Sells

Cute is in. In fact, it never goes out of style.   Some of the cutest things go viral and touch the hearts of millions. When you are making a marketing campaign, why not consider something cute? Cute colors, cute animal, just downright cute. Here are some examples of cute things that just touch the hearts of millions.

Remember grumpy cat? People liked him because he was downright cute, in a grumpy sort of way. Then a whole slew of cattitude marketing came up and made his owner rich.  He’s not got over 1 million followers on twitter and each of his posts get tons of retweets.

You don’t even have to be a grumpy cat to get attention, you just need to be cute:


Case in point, we used a “pig puppet” much against Wayne’s advice, just to throw up a Vine video and see what happened on Big Fat Daddy’s….The vine (not many people use this service anymore) got over 1200  loops immediately, and the tweet got a lot of action. We later used the pig as a prop in a segment on ABC news.  Cute sells.  See the Vine here:

Also see the tweet:



Big Fat Daddys

Therefore, it’s a proven fact that cute kids, cute actions, cute animals and just anything downright cute sells.

Look at the Geico Lizard, people just love him and when they tried to take him away from the commercials, the company got plummeted with a whole slew of “bring back the lizard” requests.

Next time you do a marketing campaign, why not try cute?