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What Marketing Package is Right for You?

We understand selecting a plan may be confusing, so we’ve simplified it. From small short term mentions to larger scale campaigns, we can help you! All campaigns are:

  • White Hat
  • Contain Detailed Reports
  • Proven Effective for Getting Your Product, Business or Service put in front of hundreds of thousands of timelines.




We have an easy to compare all packages!  Simply look at the info-graphic. As you can see, the higher priced the package, the less you actually pay per duties performed,  therefore, the higher priced packages are the better value.

Also, more consistency in your brand is better, like the top of the line package being spread out over the course of a year, for optimum organic and natural performance. The cost analysis of the value is determined by the amount you pay per action performed whether this be tweeting, retweeting, links, etc. Keep in mind the Gold, Platinum, and Titanium Packages are geared towards companies who need more than just tweets , but SEO link building and help getting exposure to their company as well.

We specialize in Twitter campaigns.

BFD Infographic


Tweets – This is the minimum number of tweets we will send out over the course of your term. We monitor all tweets and if they don’t perform well, we will resend.  Here is a sample of a tweet.  Our tweets have natural organic retweets so the timeline delivery average we have is 125,000 timlines  to millions of timelines depending on retweets and hashtags.   Titanium packages get pinned quite often for optimum exposure. Pinning means these appear at the top of the timeline for an extended length of time.

Retweets – This is the minimum number of retweets we will send out if your company has a twitter. If your company does not have a twitter, this number is null. Furthermore, let’s say you choose the Titanium package, but you only have tweeted 20 times in a year, then the max we can retweet is 20 tweets.  The other 15 would be null.  Keep in mind if our followers see us retweeting, they may also retweet your post.

Mentions – This is when we mention your twitter name @yourname in a tweet, that may be unrelated. Lots of times we encourage people to #FF follow friday or check out something on your site.  Or we may just spout out your name so people will notice and look up your twitter.

Comments – This is where we post comments on your tweets.  This is essential to building credibility to your brand.

Faves –  This is where we “star” or favorite a tweet.

Blog Links – This is for ‘dofollow’ blog links where we stick your URL into a blog post. These are on credible tenured blogs but may not necessarily be in the food and drink industry. Case in point, if an antique site is doing a feature on vintage barbecue grills, and your company sells barbecue sauce, we can organically work in the link into the post. We will find the niche and these backlinks do help build credibility to your site and used to help with Google Page Rank.

Bookmark Links –  This is where your product or site is bookmarked on popular bookmark sites, shopping sites which may include sites like Fancy, We Heart It, Pinterest, Wanelo, StumbleUpon, ImgFave, Rebel Mouse, Polyvore, and so on and so forth.  The idea is to build credible links and visual links to your product or service. Not all links may be do-follow, but all will be posted to sites where we have real followers.  Depending on the product, you may receive several links on any one site, the ratio is determined by your niche.

Features – This is a full blown feature of your product and service, instead of a mention or link within a post. Clearly a food and drink product will be featured on a reputable food and drink website or blog.

Ads – Your item or website will be added to the sidebar of our food and drink sites for the term specified in your package. If you do not have an avatar, one will be made for you at no charge. This not only provides more exposure for your brand but also gives you a dofollow link as well.

Reports –   Reports are given once per month in most packages, so you can see how the tweets are performing. Analytic are based on our breakdown of retweet credibly, and based on apps we use to determine follower credibility.

Do you have questions? Feel free to Facetime or Text us anytime at 410-908-9241.

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