Marketing Made Easy Our clients deal with Cindy and Wayne, and we are real people, not automated software. Our content from BigFatDaddys here is spoken from us, to you, not copied from marketing hard sell handbooks. Bottom line, we have a reputation to protect and only pick jobs that fit best with us. We have done a variety of work over the years, from articles, to sponsored content tweets, to launching full blown marketing campaigns for companies in the entertainment, food, drink or start ups, to simply spreading links on good sources in cyberspace to help add credibility to their sites. Perhaps our best work sample, is the fact our own company @BigFatDaddys has been successful with social media. In 2009 we started our Twitter, Tumblr, Blogs and social media boom organically growing our own food and drink followers over the years. We value our reputation and only choose jobs that are a good fit for us. Currently, our social media gets us clients, and gets us noticed.


Perhaps the proof is in the pudding, or chicken so to speak!

Not only are we in the food and drink industry, but we’ve been on the event promotion end of things, successfully running our own events.  We know how hard it is to spread messages. Some of our best work has been in the  Food – Drink – Entertainment – Music – Festivals – Events – Arts – Crafts  industries.  From being been hired by big companies to display logos, or banners, or for small start ups to get them started, here are just a few samples of our work. Cindy has specialized in the art and craft industry for over 20 years, successfully launching and running many blogs and websites though her IraMency marketing and RetroChalet.  Wayne has succeeded in the food and drink industry since 1982.

Full Packages / Start Up’s and Websites

We have launched dozens of websites packages for individuals, companies , and start ups over the years and helped got them off the ground. Different levels and options make getting your business off the ground easy. For this Italian Spider-Man, we launched a full secure SSL fansite, with backfilled content, and started his Instagram and Twitter. It has been widely successful in the USA and even helped get him mention in the New York Post and international news!

Mauro Merlino Fansite

Website:      Twitter:  MerlinoFansite         Instagram: @MerlinoFansite 

 Individual, Small Business Owner, or Informational Sites or Blogs

melmac dinnerware website

Individual Blog Launching : Informational Sites

A different website example would be launching a blog for an individual, an informational site, such as one on vintage melmac plastic dinnerware!   Built on an easy to use Blogger platform, this secure site is now nearing over a million visitors. Easy to use and maintain, if you are thinking of a blog it’s the way for you.

The Calm Life

Here is a website called “The Calm Life” we launched for natural, organic and living well on WordPress.

Term Full Package Marketing Promotions

Sometimes you want to focus on your business and not having to worry about the social media, that’s where we come in. Offering a range of solutions to fit your needs and budget.  Here is an example.

Big Fat Daddys Marketing

For country artist      Michael Palmer  –   We made this local guitarist a small town celebrity, and handled all Promotions from 2013-2015.  We Built the Website,  added content, made a Tumblr, Youtube channel and marketing Twitter.   It helped land him a contract proposal, and a place in a national band, of which, now he’s retired.

michael palmer tumblr courtesy of bigfatdaddys marketing


Short or Long Term Event Promotion!


Hogging up BBQ Festival




Sample Twitter Campaigns or Promotional Boosts

Sometimes a company or person just wants a good boost in Twitter, from a reputable organic source. We know how do do that!  We manually send our tweets with good hashtags at premium tags. Our friends and followers eat it up. One tweet has been known to reach 750,000-2 Million timelines. Find out the benefits of good tweets here. See a few examples. Of course the reach has a lot to do with what you are offering, what you are selling, and if people are interested in your product. Conversions on twitter are hard, but timeline delivery is key.






Paid Blog Posts, or Sponsored Posts

Sponsored Food and Drink Posts

A sponsored post for Texas Brush was done as endorsement on this blog.

We have many blogs and can match you with the right niche.  What are you waiting for? Let’s get started .Look over our rates published here, or call or text Cindy today, if you have a budget and request a free proposal on what we can do for you!