Twitter Marketing Crediblity  Here is a sample tweet that we weren’t paid to send, it’s real organic content and upon analysis, we would like to share the results.  We determined this tweet has reached 92,901 timelines* (at time of tweet) with a 99.9% Credibility Rating.   

Just so you can see the overall credibility of our account. In this case, we were making a Zesty BBQ Marinade Post on our blog and we used our Nutribullet to blend the recipe. We weren’t paid for this tweet and all the reach is organic. See how it breakdowns for juicer accounts and BBQ lovers.


  We deem these Favorable / Credible Accounts based on apps who determine the quality of followers and credibility of the account.  At the time of the tweet, which has since grown in size…2

      • @BigFatDaddys sends it out 48800* Followers then it gets retweeted:
  •  @BuffWings 861 Followers
  •  @NutribulletUK 18900 Followers
  •  @Brocola 1004 Followers
  •  @gotbeefcom 2690 Followers
  •  @BarBQMagazine 906 Followers 
  • @BFDNation 4913 Followers
  • @BBQTweeter 932 Followers
  • @IraMency 4731 Followers
  • @BigFatDaddys2   42 Followers
  • @FoodieTimes1   5718 Followers
  • @LisaLovesCookin 938 Followers
  • @GloriouslyGood  2465 Followers

We deem these Questionable based on apps who determine the quality of followers and credibility of the account (which may be due to follower/following ratio or amount of retweets).2  

      • @BulletBlenders 23 Followers

We cannot rate the below statistics.2  

      • 5 Users are Private (?)



Final Analysis:  1 Tweet = 92924 Timelines

Credible  Timeline Delivery:  92901

Questionable Timeline Delivery: 2   23 Timelines

Unrated Timeline Delivery:  5 Retweets

Quality Rating is determined by Amount of “credible” tweets vs total timelines. 99.9%

Note:  2  As we do not know the owners of these accounts personally, we cannot determine them to be reputable, questionable or spammy / junk so we rely on the ability of apps such as Social Bakers Fake Followers App or other applications who determine their credibility based on algorithms. Keep in mind any of this data is subjective as some apps only measure a small number of followers and base their numbers on that.

So what’s the most we’d charge for a tweet with that kind of reach? They are included with most packages, but it goes to show just exactly how we do what we do, and how we analyze the tweets. This iswhat we do, and what we are good at.